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Crown Landscaping was established in 1929 by John Crown and Fred Crown at Point Abino, Ontario, doing primarily estate site preparation work along sandy Bay Beach, rocky Point Abino and the steep Abino Hills areas. Most of these sites were environmentally sensitive, requiring preservation of mature trees, sand dunes and various shorelines from sand to cobble to all rock.

Starting in 1973, after four years at the University of Guelph (Bsc.Hort.), David Crown joined the family business. For four summers David also worked on Lake Erie installing docks, launching yachts and driving boats, acquiring a lifetime of respect for the Great Lakes.

David’s brother Philip Crown joined the business in the late 70's and they continued building numerous commercial and residential projects ranging from Canada’s tallest waterslide, countless rock retaining walls, waterfalls and pools, and even a mini Stonehenge ruins for a cemetery entrance feature. Most of our projects were very near an eroding shoreline, a sensitive wetland or in a mature forest.

Philip Crown now lives and works in the Muskoka area doing the same type of projects. Philip occasionally helps Crown Landscaping construct shoreline breakwalls or landscape rockwork in his winter snow season. He has also helped us to acquire large quantities of premium quality granite and limestone at very reasonable rates from northern Ontario sources.

In recent years Crown Landscaping Ltd. has helped design, permit and construct numerous private, public and commercial projects from the Niagara Peninsula to Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and the Caledon Hills, and a few in W. New York.

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We have developed sites for private residents from 2,000 sq.ft. homes to mansions of over 50,000 sq.ft. We have built shoreline protection for municipalities ranging from 15m to over 400m in length with all the necessary permits, insurance, bonds and schedules. Commercially we have constructed shoreline protection for large new subdivisions, storm water retention structures, water fountains, waterfalls and several kilometres of engineered rock retaining walls.

We are a small company with a few key experienced employees, each of whom are able to manage a project alone and/or with other sub-contractors if sub-trades are required. We all have experience with rock, concrete, steel, wood and plant materials. We have combined experience in excess of 100 years.

Our Equipment

Crown Landscaping Ltd. has numerous pieces of heavy equipment which have been acquired and maintained over several years, which allow us to get a job done economically and promptly. Currently we have 7 excavators ranging from 6 tons to 30+ tons, four of which have hydraulic thumbs to handle rocks, in addition to hydraulic breakers to downsize and trim rocks. In layman terms we can mechanically lift and place a rock the size of a bread box to the size of a car, and we can accurately break a rock 2" thick or 2 metres thick with a single blow. We have Darda rock splitters which can split, trim and downsize any rock from 1 to 100 ton units, and also own or rent diamond saws which cut dimensional rock steps, slabs or blocks from 1" up to 3m in size.

To mobilize rock on site or sort and load at various quarries we have five articulated allterrain loaders, including a small 6 ton unit, three Cat 966 loaders and one Cat 988 able to lift over 20 tons. To mobilize rock to your site we own two 40 ton capacity heavy duty rock trucks and trailers. We sub-contract large rock haulage jobs to a few large reputable transport companies which enables us to load and move 10,000 or more tons of rock promptly and safely in Ontario and/or W. New York.

Rock Supplies

We constantly select and stock pile the best of the local Niagara limestone for many of our breakwall and heavy landscape projects. We also use a large quantity of Wiarton area buff-coloured limestone slabs, steps and blocks for landscape projects which require walls, steps, waterfalls or pools. We usually have a few thousand tons of premium semi-cubic limestone in stock ready to be used in various projects.

Thanks to Philip Crown’s Muskoka location we are able to supply and place very hard, colourful and durable granite armour rock for breakwall projects at very competitive rates.

We also source landscape armourstone from W. New York and softer more colourful flagstone and slabs of sandstone from Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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